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Raise funds! Reach the lost!

Help your ministry! Help other ministries!

… it's easy and costs NOTHING!!!

Do you require funds for a

mission trip - building program - music program - youth program?



We can set you up on a 2-3 week campaign that's as easy as 1-2-3


1. AT NO RISK TO YOU … we will provide the CD, Window of Hope, which may be sold at $20 each. NO up front money required!

Window of Hope is a beautiful new compilation disc featuring acclaimed Canadian Christian artists - Steve Bell, Lianna Klassen and Debbie Fortnum. It's a high quality recording with integrity!

2. You will be guided through the process of making a list of people to whom each person in your group or organization could sell the CD. It's easy - you can sell to friends, family, neighbours, your accountant, hairdresser, etc.

3. You keep $5 from every CD sold!!!! If each member sells 5 - 10 CDs and you keep $5 from each one sold well … you do the math!!

Eg.) If 50 people sell 10 CDs each that's 500 CDs X $5 each

VOILA! $2500 for your ministry!!! And … depending on who your team sells to, you will be reaching the lost, using the powerful tool of God's music by putting it right into their homes!




For more information call Craig at 780-459-5850 or

email or



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